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Can I Bring My Pet Into Spain?

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) started on 28th February 2000 and allows cats and dogs resident in the UK to visit certain other countries and return to the UK, without quarantine, provided that certain conditions are met. To use this system, you need to comply with the law, down to the last detail. This is to prevent the transmission of disease from country to country.

Spain is one of the countries that partake in the scheme and this includes the islands but not Ceuta and Melilla. Only certain sea, air and rail routes are included in the scheme and these include: By ferry, Calais to Dover, Coen, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St Malo to Portsmouth. By rail, Eurotunnel shuttle service but not Eurostar. By air, Certain routes from Europe into London Heathrow. Please check with your airline or tour operator for exact details.

The conditions of the scheme

All cats and dogs must:

  • Be fitted with a microchip that meets an ISO specification so that it can be read by a standard microchip reader.
  • Be vaccinated against rabies with an approved vaccine and have booster vaccinations as recommended. Pets must be at least 3 months old and be already fitted with a microchip before they can be vaccinated.
  • Be blood tested about 30 days after vaccination. If your pet fails the blood test it will have to be vaccinated and tested again.
  • Wait at least 6 months after a successful blood test result before being allowed entry or re-entry into the UK (unless your pet was resident in the UK and microchipped, vaccinated and blood tested before 28th February 2000).

What documentation do you need?

You will need three documents to allow your pet to re-enter the UK.

  • The PETS re-entry certificate issued by a vet in the UK, certifying that the above conditions have been met before you travel.
  • An official Certificate of Treatment against a potentially dangerous type of tapeworm and ticks, which must be carried out by a vet 24-48 hours before re-entering the UK. This treatment has to be done each time you enter the UK.
  • The Declaration of Residence which you will be asked to complete to declare that your pet has not been outside any of the qualifying countries in the six months before entering the UK. This will be available from the transport company or from MAFF.

Certain countries including Spain also require and Export Health Certificate, issued in the UK, to allow your pet to enter the country. It is different from the PETS scheme and your pet may be refused entry if you haven't got the certificate.

Before your pet re-enters the UK, the transport company will check the microchip and the official documents. It is very important that all the conditions have been met.

You are advised to discuss your plans with your vet as early as possible and allow at least 7 months before your departure date to take advantage of the scheme.

Further information is available on the British Embassy's website.

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