Inspection Trips/Flights to Cyprus

Deciding to go either on an accompanied or unaccompanied inspection trip can in itself be a very confusing and stressful experience. Unless you consider some key questions.

  • Is the Area right for me?
  • Is the agent I am speaking with going to show me the property I want to see or what is best for them?
  • Am I going to be placed on a bus with many other people or am I going to be given one to one attention?
  • Is the company I am travelling with going to apply pressure upon me to buy?

There are normally two ways in which you can see properties for sale in your chosen country. You can choose to go on an inclusive inspection trip, or you can choose to meet with the representative in the resort. Both of these options are covered by Suncroft. In either case it is always advisable to discuss your requirements and arranged dates before you leave the U.K.

There is a third way of course, but this we do not advocate, this is where you go to the resort of your choice and then try to arrange to meet with an agent when you are there or worse try to see properties on your own, Of course it can be done but let's face it the property options available in most countries is huge. So to try and view all the available properties on your own, without any guidance is very difficult indeed. Remember that new sites very rarely have maps or other indications to inform the casual visitor where they are. Even if you did manage to find the development you then have to negotiate in an unfamiliar language with the builder, No,in our opinion this method is not for the faint hearted.

Do I Really need An Agent Anyway?

Well of course the truth is you don't...... that is if you feel that employing an agent is a disadvantage to you, or will cost you unecessary money. In Reality an agent costs you nothing, and their expertise is nothing but an asset to the overseas home buyer. Always remember that generally you cannot buy the property one penny cheaper by going directly to the builder or private vendor. Contrary to popular myth they do not always add anything to the price because you come via an agent. Agents generally are the lifeblood of most European property markets and most sellers rely upon their services. We deal with many of the major builders and our portfolio of resale property is perhaps second to none. But it is not only ensuring you get the best choice which is the issue, it's what happens when I've decided to buy? who is looking after my interests in the area where I am buying? who can I talk to in the event of an unforseen problem? These things must be considered and they are fundamentally why buying via a U.K. based agent is in our opinon a must.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Before you leave we discuss matters with you to determine exactly your requirements then build a portfolio of property to suit, in this way we do not waste any of your time showing your property that you just aren’t going to be interested in. We can arrange, your flights, your hotel and we’ll collect you from the airport. Meetings with our representatives are always on a one to one basis and not with a coach load of strangers. Having said this, never will you be made to feel obligated or uncomfortable if we are not able to find you a property that you are interested in. A relaxed, informal business trip is the best way to describe it. We will explain all the details including total costs, annual costs, legal formalities, letting potential, even where to get the best deals on furniture etc. We will even help you open a bank account and obtain a mortgage if required. As we have said previouslu our Inspection Trips are based upon your requirements, not what we want to show you. Every individual has his or her own criteria to fulfil when buying a new property. Whether this is the best location for a property in terms of rental/investment potential, long-term relocation, or simply a holiday home for friends & family. Information is gathered prior to travel both with our property experts in the UK & with our questionnaire. The idea being that by the time you land your designated consultant will have a plan as to which properties & locations to cover during your stay. All clients will be provided with a consultant on a one to one basis for the duration of your stay, to ensure that every property you are taken to see suits the criteria requested. All we really ask is that you are genuinely interested in buying a property abroad and if we are able and only if we are able to find you a property to purchase that you have the initial finance available to be able to achieve this.

Fully Escorted Trips

We arrange inspection trips from main UK & Ireland airports including Stansted, Gatwick, Machester and Dublin to all Cypriot Airports. Please enquire with us for the latest special inspection trip deals we are offering.

What We Provide

  • Collection and Drop off to your hotel or accommodation.
  • A property consultant on a one to one basis for the duration of your trip
  • A full after sales service both in the country where you purchase and once you return to the U.K.
  • No pressure at any time or obligation.

Un-escorted Trips

Already made your arrangements for accommodation and travel? No Problem!

Just let us know where you are staying and we will allocate some of our representatives time to show you properties available for you to buy. Please note! It is still always advisable to arrange dates etc with us prior to travel, so that we can ensure a representative is available on the dates your require. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to refund your trip costs on un-escorted trips.

Our experience is that a lot of overseas home buyers these days feel under pressure or obligation if the company they are viewing properties through has arranged a heavily subsidised trip for them, this can result in the trip changing form an exciting, pleasurable experience into a nightmare. Never will you feel this with Suncroft.

Getting To Know The Area

Although the main emphasis of the Inspection trip will be to show you as many relevant properties as possible, we will also endeavour to show you as much about the general area & amenities as we can. It is very important when purchasing a new home to be made aware of what is immediately around it, whether this is just in terms of local amenities, points of interest, or simply what the atmosphere is like at different times of the day.

We Offer a quality service to overseas buyers. Never will you feel obligated or under any pressure from ourselves or our representatives Guaranteed!

Overseas Mortgages

Mortgages are available to all clients while on an inspection trip. Please note that income multiples and total borrowing will differ from country to country. Please feel free to discuss with us should you have any queries.

Premliminary Deposits

Although there is no pressure to purchase any property while on an inspection trip, we do ask that all applicants are at least very interested in buying & take some form of deposit necessary to secure a property should you see one that you like. The advised form of deposit in this situation is usually a credit or debit card. Initial deposits required are usually between €2,000 and €3,000.

Dates for inspection trips will vary according to the country you are visiting again please free to discuss details with us.

map of Cyprus