About Us

Suncroft Overseas Property is a family business established in 2000.

We are very aware, that it is an extremely competitive world for companies offering homes for sale overseas and you as the consumer have infinite choice. You are faced daily with a plethora of websites, exhibitions, brochures, experts and salesman. The question is just who do you choose to help you buy a home?

Well, to give you some confidence in our company we are founder members of the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals) A body of like minded individuals and companies aiming to become the mouth piece of the industry in this country. All with the same aim of improving transparency and professionalism amongst all agents dealing with overseas properties.

Sincerity or Cynicism?

You cannot help but be struck by how many companies all make you the same promises, they may dress the actual words slightly differently from each other, but the basic sentiment is the same. Suncroft of course will also give you those assurances such as 'quality service' and superb 'after sales service', the difference we believe between us and some of our competitors is that at Suncroft they are given with sincerity born out of a pride in name and reputation, after all, over 60% of the sales we did last year came from personal recommendation. The other point to note is that the person you deal with at your first enquiry at Suncroft will be the same person who deals with your final move in. Doesn't sound like much? but when you are in that situation you may be thankful that you can deal with a person that we hope you may feel you can trust.

Big Isn't Always Beautiful

Competing with larger companies (and we all know who they are) for publicity is tough, we cannot possibly match their budget. But then, where do you think the money to spend on such things actually comes from? Well, larger companies can only survive by dealing in volume and with volume sales come risks for the unwary home buyer. For example, at Suncroft we make sure you get to see the properties that suit your personal criteria regardless of the amount of commission we may or may not eventually receive, a company dealing in volume needs you to buy a home from the developer with whom he has negotiated the largest commissions, that's why you do not see too many larger companies offering resale property. The other big reason is that with volume sales it is practically impossible to devote enough time to looking after your clients once they have purchased their new home. It is a sad but true fact that big advertising never helped anyone buy a home. 'Good old fashioned service' is not always synonymous with 'big'. Our contention is that if you are an individual then 'one size fits all' policy is not helpful and if you are going into what is for most people unknown territory you want to be sure that you do not get lost amongst the numbers and left to fend for yourself. Our service ensures that will never happen to our clients.